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LOCK&LOCK Overseas Factories

LOCK&LOCK endeavors to enhance our position as a global brand to meet the demand of global market that grows every year by building plastic, heat resistant glass and cookware plants in the world including China and Vietnam.

LOCK&LOCK Vung Tau Heat Resistant Glass Plant manufactures 10,000 tons of heat resistant dinnerware annually.

Unlike soda lime glass, Heat resistant glass contains sodium borosilicate(B₂Oз), which can stand the rapid change in temperature and high temperature heat. LOCK&LOCK oven glass can be safely used in diverse cooking environment including microwave, oven or freezer. They not only can stand the hot water disinfection, they can also be washed using dishwashers, dish dryers and steam sterilizers very safely.

Vung Tau Heat Resistant Glass Plant

Foundation date December, 2011
Area Total area : 60,000㎡
Building area : 31,250㎡
Production facilities

Production Line

- Mixing MaCterials

- Melting Materials in the Smelting Furnace

- Molding & Fire Polishing

- Annealing

- In-line Inspection

- Packing

Molding Production Line

- Assembly & Packing


- Warehousing & Delivering

Annual output
38 million pcs/year

Heat resistant glass main process

동영상 자막

LOCK&LOCK HEAT-RESISTANT GLASS FACTORY IN VIETNAM This is LOCK&LOCK Heat-Resistant Glass factory co-build with increased design and construction company for glass melting process to meet the soaring demands for safer heat-resistant glassware worldwide. LOCK&LOCK decided to launch its own production facility. Vietnam, especially, offers an exquisite advantage in producing glassware products. It will therefore, provide the necessary impetus in expanding LOCKk&LOCK's consumer base into European and North American markets. It will also spur the development of other businesses that will have various industrial applications.

1. Mixing Materials

2. Melting

3. Molding

4. Fire Polishing

5. Annealing

6. Inspection