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LOCK&LOCK Overseas Factories

LOCK&LOCK endeavors to enhance our position as a global brand to meet the demand of global market that grows every year by building plastic, heat resistant glass and cookware plants in the world including China and Vietnam.

LOCK&LOCK Vung Tau Cookware Plant completed in 2012 in Vietnam manufactures high quality and diverse cookware goods using its distinctive technology.

It has unequaled facilities such as a large drawing machine that weighs 5,000 tons, film process line in which Hard & Soft Anodizing is possible and equipment that allows the most advanced coating simultaneously such as non-stick coating or ceramic coating. Thanks to such facility, it provides mass production yet very sophisticated and fast supply.

Vung Tau Cookware Plant

Foundation date July, 2012
Area Total area : 35,000㎡
Building area : 17,000㎡
Production facilities

Production Line

- Drawing

- Racking

- Anodizing

- Steam Sealing

- Buffing

- Assembly

- Packing

Production Line-Coating

- Drawing

- Sanding

- Coating

- Baking

- Assembly

- Packing

Annual output
Anodizing Line : 24 million pcs/year
Coating Line : 36 million pcs/year

Cookware main process


Committed to consumer convenience and health, Lock & Lock produces only premium quality products. At Lock & Lock, our goal is simple: to cater to all culinary needs through innovation. We’re a global eco-friendly brand: Lock & Lock. Lock & Lock strives to create a new way of life. From our home base South Korea, we’ve been expanding our manufacturing operations and venturing overseas such as in China and Vietnam. As a leading innovator of home- and kitchenware in Asia, Lock & Lock has expanded its business horizons to include cookware. In 2012, Lock & Lock opened its first cookware factory in Vung Tau, Vietnam. Our specialized know-how coupled with Vietnam’s competitive business edge will no doubt quickly transform Lock & Lock into a global giant in cookware. Lock&Lock Cookware Plant in Vung Tau completed in 2012 Gross Area : 35,000 m2 Capability : 6 million pcs/year [Facility] 1. 5,000T Deep Drawing Presses & Steam Sealing Machine Equipped with drawing presses with a capacity of 5,000 tons... Lock & Lock cookware facility utilizes top-of-the-line technologies. Anodizing and coating processes can be performed here—simultaneously. Our anodizing line involves both hard and soft anodizing, while our coating line includes nonstick and ceramic coatings. As a result, mass production and fast distribution of products are made possible. 2. Anodizing Line( Hard & Soft Anodizing) & Coating Line( Nonstick & Ceramic Coating) Starting with drawing, Coating, Polishing, Hard Anodizing, Steam Sealing, Marking, and Assembly... All Lock & Lock cookware is made through rigorous methods. Production Drawing > Coating > Polishing > Hard Anodizing > Steam Sealing > Marking > Assembly/Inspection > Packing/Shipment Lock & Lock uses an eco-friendly process called “hard anodizing.” The process thickens the natural layer of aluminum oxide. As a result, our utensils are able to better resist abrasion. What’s more, Lock & Lock cookware is made with 3 layers of coating to produce a highly durable and shock-resistant finish. Hardness - Excellent Coatings and Surface Hardness 3-layer Nonstick Coatings Abrasion Resistance Test Result for “Hard & Light”: 50,000+ cycles of oscillating abrasive pad Only pure aluminum is used for Lock & Lock cookware, making our utensils light and easy to handle. They're also ergonomically designed, so they’re light and easy to handle. 99% Pure Aluminum & Lightweight #. 쿡웨어 주요기술 및 제품 [Processes and Products] Lock & Lock offers a wide-range of cookware: Pressed utensils with a uniform thickness and simplicity in design... Pressed Cookware - Hard & Light, Cookplus ...forged cookware with thick bottoms, made using press forces topping 2,500 tons... Forged Cookware - Prima, Cookplus ....die-cast cookware, from injecting molten aluminum into molds... Die-Cast Cookware - Ceramic, Cookplus ...and gravity cast cookware, by hand-pouring aluminum into molds. Using various types of techniques, Lock & Lock offers a great mix of cookware for modern tastes. Gravity-Cast Cookware - Salon, Two Hands In addition, thick stainless steel plates are brazed to aluminum on the bottom of our vessels for a smoother and heat conducting base. Plus, our cookware is compatible with modern induction range tops. Brazing Method Driven by research and passion, Lock & Lock is striving to become a premium cookware brand. We set out to provide only the best. Creating an easier and a healthier culinary experience using eco-friendly cookware is our main mission. Creating a new way of life, [Global No. 1] Lock & Lock.

1. Raw Materials

2. Drawing

3. Sand Blast

4. Hard-Anodizing

5. Steam Sealing

6. Coating

7. Marking

8. Assembly

9. Inspection